About Cotonou

To the south-east of the country is located the largest city of Cotonou. This is the economic capital of the country, where diplomatic and government services are concentrated.The urban area continues to expand, notably towards the west. The city lies in the southeast of the country, between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Nokoue.


Cotonou features a tropical wet and dry climate, alternating with two rainy seasons (April - July and September - October). Temperatures are relatively constant throughout the course of the year, with the average high temperatures hovering around 30°C, and average low temperatures at around 25°C.


Other interesting sights are the central mosque, the National Museum and the Botanical Garden, representing the flora of the region.The Dantokpa Market is a market in Cotonou it is one of the most important retailing areas in Benin, covering over 20 hectares.

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